5 Rhythms – my personal approach

For me the 5 Rhythms represent a „coming home“ – through external movement I put my inner world into motion. When I surrender my body to the rhythm, to the music – I dive in, into my body, into a conscious perception of my body, emotions may come up, I allow them to be, instead of hiding them and I express what is, right now. It helps me to get out of my mind. Especially in our „industrialized, developed world“ we´ve lost the balance, our „mind“ – planning, thinking, analyzing – is in demand and we have forgotten how to listen to our intuition, to trust our body wisdom and inner voice. That´s exactly what I explore in the 5 rhythms – letting go of my head, coming back to my self-awareness, to explore with curiosity. Over and over again I´m surprised, discover new insights, new corners, edges, new doors open up. I have learned to move into my fear, my anger and my sadness, instead of getting stuck, frozen or giving up.

„ Set your body in motion and your psyche will follow, set your psyche in motion and it will heal itself“ (Gabrielle Roth)

I simply surrender it all to the dance and there I may perceive my feelings in all their depth, express them and let them go until they can eventually be transformed into newborn joy and deep compassion for myself.






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