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Abundance - the motion of money

How would you describe your dance with money? Fluid, Fiery, Chaotic, Light or Still?

Quiet often we make money decisions based on a false idea of how much money we "think" we have... meaning we percieve we don't have enough or we believe that if we spend now that we might not have enough left over for the future, so we are continously in a fight, flight or freeze mode around money. Humans have been evolving for millions of years, but money has been used by everyone on the planet for a mere 300 years. In evolutionay terms, our bodies, hearts, minds have not caught up and integrated the concept of money. There is a seperation. We can change and speed up the integration process through movement.

One of the many reasons we have money challenges is because we have not learned to manage our personal energy.

Explore your relationship to money and dance through the 8 Money Archetypes: Innocent, Victim, Warrior, Martyr, Fool Creator/Artist, Tyrant,and Magician. We will transform greed into generosity, hatred into love, confusion into clarity and broedom into opportunity.

No previous experience is required in order to participate in this transformative workshop.

This workshop counts towards 5 R Teacher Training electives prerequesites.


Friday, march 6, (open evening)

Saturday, march 7, 10.30am-6pm

Sunday, march 8, 10.30-5.30pm

Location: has changed!

 ProArte, Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79294 Merzhausen - Freiburg

 Tram VAG: Tram 3 Direction Vauban - Tram Stop Paula-Modersohn-Platz (2 Minutes Walk)



235€, 195€ Earlybird until february 9, 2020

25€ only Friday Evening

Registration here


Guidance: Evangelos Diavolitsis,

Evangelos is 5 Rhythms Teacher, 12 years (Waves/Heartbeat) and Meditation Guid, 20 years, wit a passion for integration the path of awakening with art and business. As well as being certified money coach for 10 years and visionary entrepreneur, Evangelos has taught across Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

"My greatest passion is helping people let go of who they think they need to be and embrace who they could never be."


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